Passing variables from UNIX to Ansible to UNIX shell

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Hammer & Screwdriver Passing variables from UNIX to Ansible to UNIX shell

I m passing a variable stringg from Unix shell which has value 'Good Day' to ansible and from ansible to a second shell script where it print only Good instead of 'Good Day'

passing the variable stringg from unix shell
echo $stringg
  ansible-playbook install.yml -i /web/hostfiles/myhost.txt --extra-vars "mystring=$stringg"

then passing the variable from ansible install.yml to unix shell like this
     shell: /web/operations/ "{{mystring}}" chdir=/web/operations/

Then printing in the second unix shell like this
echo "Printing:::::"
  echo $*


Good Day


Can you please tell me why is the second script only printing Good instead of Good Day ?
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Originally Posted by mohtashims
I m passing a variable stringg from Unix shell which has value 'Good Day' to ansible and from ansible to a second shell script where it print only Good instead of 'Good Day'

echo $stringg
  ansible-playbook install.yml -i /web/hostfiles/myhost.txt --extra-vars "mystring=$stringg"

I suppose the problem is this:


because it is quoted on the outside, so the shell which interprets the command ansible-playbook ... will not interfere, but what is inside the quotes is interpreted by this ansible-playbook-command. Inside is an unquoted string, though, and if this command works similar to a shell it will interpret the string:

mystring=Good day

as declaration of the variable "mystring" with a value of "Good" and (maybe silently) drop "day" as a redundant word. Try it this way:


which might work (i don't know this ansible-playbook command, so you will have to try).

I hope this helps.

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