Help with AT&T UNIX SYSTEM V Version 4 Console Login

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Ah, so you were booted into a floppy image instead of your installed disk image!

Glad you figured it out!
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DVHTOOL(8)						      System Manager's Manual							DVHTOOL(8)

dvhtool - Disk volume header manipulation tool SYNOPSIS
dvhtool --device devicename [ option ] dvhtool -d devicename [ option ] DESCRIPTION
dvhtool is a utility for displaying SGI disk partition and volume header information as well as for copying files to and from the volume header. It is similar to the IRIX(tm) utility of the same name, however the options and usage are quite different. Also, the IRIX utility cannot display partition and boot file information. The disk volume header includes the disk partition table and the volume directory. The volume directory is an index to the files stored in the volume header part of the disk. These files can be anything but are usually standalone programs (like sash, the SGI standalone shell). The space available for files is usually limited to one, two or a few megabytes, this can only be changed by repartitioning the disk with fx, the SGI disk formatting and partitioning tool or fdisk. You must be root to invoke dvhtool. The device name can be /dev/sda for the first disk, /dev/sdb for the second, and so on. dvhtool will also work on a file image of a disk volume header. OPTIONS -d, --device devicename Specify the volume header device name (or file image) --print-volume-header Show volume header data only --print-volume-directory Show volume table of contents --print-partitions Show partition data --print-all Equivalent to all three above options --vh-remove name Remove volhdr file name. --vh-to-unix name file Copy volhdr file name to Unix file file --unix-to-vh file name Copy Unix file file to volhdr as name --help Show usage information SEE ALSO
fdisk(8) IRIX tools: fx(1M), prtvtoc(1M), vh(7M). AUTHORS
dvhtool was written by Ralf Baechle <>, Keith M. Wesolowski <>, Tor Arntsen <>, Guido Guenther <>. 4th Berkeley Distribution July 2000 DVHTOOL(8)

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