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Help with AT&T UNIX SYSTEM V Version 4 Console Login

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Ah, so you were booted into a floppy image instead of your installed disk image!

Glad you figured it out!
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TAP::Formatter::Base(3pm)				 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				 TAP::Formatter::Base(3pm)

TAP::Formatter::Base - Base class for harness output delegates
Version 3.26
This provides console orientated output formatting for TAP::Harness.
use TAP::Formatter::Console; my $harness = TAP::Formatter::Console->new( \%args );
Class Methods "new" my %args = ( verbose => 1, ) my $harness = TAP::Formatter::Console->new( \%args ); The constructor returns a new "TAP::Formatter::Console" object. If a TAP::Harness is created with no "formatter" a "TAP::Formatter::Console" is automatically created. If any of the following options were given to TAP::Harness->new they well be passed to this constructor which accepts an optional hashref whose allowed keys are: o "verbosity" Set the verbosity level. o "verbose" Printing individual test results to STDOUT. o "timer" Append run time for each test to output. Uses Time::HiRes if available. o "failures" Show test failures (this is a no-op if "verbose" is selected). o "comments" Show test comments (this is a no-op if "verbose" is selected). o "quiet" Suppressing some test output (mostly failures while tests are running). o "really_quiet" Suppressing everything but the tests summary. o "silent" Suppressing all output. o "errors" If parse errors are found in the TAP output, a note of this will be made in the summary report. To see all of the parse errors, set this argument to true: errors => 1 o "directives" If set to a true value, only test results with directives will be displayed. This overrides other settings such as "verbose", "failures", or "comments". o "stdout" A filehandle for catching standard output. o "color" If defined specifies whether color output is desired. If "color" is not defined it will default to color output if color support is available on the current platform and output is not being redirected. o "jobs" The number of concurrent jobs this formatter will handle. o "show_count" Boolean value. If false, disables the "X/Y" test count which shows up while tests are running. Any keys for which the value is "undef" will be ignored. "prepare" Called by Test::Harness before any test output is generated. This is an advisory and may not be called in the case where tests are being supplied to Test::Harness by an iterator. "open_test" Called to create a new test session. A test session looks like this: my $session = $formatter->open_test( $test, $parser ); while ( defined( my $result = $parser->next ) ) { $session->result($result); exit 1 if $result->is_bailout; } $session->close_test; "summary" $harness->summary( $aggregate ); "summary" prints the summary report after all tests are run. The first argument is an aggregate to summarise. An optional second argument may be set to a true value to indicate that the summary is being output as a result of an interrupted test run. perl v5.18.2 2014-01-06 TAP::Formatter::Base(3pm)

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