How to Monitor Tomcat App Server?

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Old 01-25-2017
I tend to have this deployed to look at in general (if needed) :
InstallationApacheTomcat * psi-probe/psi-probe Wiki * GitHub

The software is gpl, has a relatively small footprint when deployed.

Of course, standard commands work as well (vmstat, iostat etc.), but this should help in investigation.

You can use various 'developers consoles' or firebugs to examine where it's stuck from the client side using browser.
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Old 01-25-2017
Hammer & Screwdriver

Originally Posted by bakunin
Have you made sure it is the application (and, for instance, NOT the system itself) that hangs for a few seconds? If, i.e., the system would be in a state of heavy swapping it might look like the application hangs but in fact it is the system that blocks the application because it has to get missing memory pages from swap to memory.

I hope this helps.

The Unix server has no issues.

I m not looking to resolve any issue. All i want is to setup a non third part monitoring mechanism to monitor Tomcat Hung state. Unfortunately, all the suggestions be it mine or others is not helpful to print and debug Tomcat v8 hung state.

If anyone knows ... please suggest.
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Old 01-25-2017
How to test whether a running daemon is capable of responding to queries, without actually making a query? That's a catch-22.

"Hung" isn't a state like sleep or running. It's the ability of the software itself to respond.
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Old 01-25-2017
it is usual problem with wrong configured java. Java runs garbage collection regularly and if it has too harsh settings for garbage collection, you will notice a small hang during the process. Check maximum and initial heap size and your garbage collection mechanism. Install some webapp - there some very nice with graphs and a lot of information - to monitor java heap. You will not see much information using standard UNIX toolset.

e.g. Understanding Java Garbage Collection | CUBRID Blog :
there is a term that you should know before learning about GC. The term is "stop-the-world." Stop-the-world will occur no matter which GC algorithm you choose. Stop-the-world means that the JVM is stopping the application from running to execute a GC. When stop-the-world occurs, every thread except for the threads needed for the GC will stop their tasks. The interrupted tasks will resume only after the GC task has completed. GC tuning often means reducing this stop-the-world time.

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