Xalan & Xerces issues for Oracle Linux 6.6 & Solarisstudio12.3 C++ compiler for Linux

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Old 01-20-2017
Xalan & Xerces issues for Oracle Linux 6.6 & Solarisstudio12.3 C++ compiler for Linux

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while using Xalan & Xerces for my application.
Below are my environment details i am using :-
Platform:- Oracle Linux 6.6
Compiler :- solarisstudio12.3 C++ compiler for Linux

Below are the versions of Xalan & Xerces source code used to build the shared object downloaded from Apache site:-


Problem Description:-
I had to build 32 bit shared object which can be used in my application. so i tried building xerces with the options for my platform as :-
./runConfigure -plinux -ccc -xCC

i added -m32 falg in makefile and it got compiled and created a shared object.
Then i tried to configure xalan with below command :-
./runConfigure -plinux -ccc -xCC

I tried to compile it but it resulted me in lot of errors. i tried fixing them in order to change compiler and platform defines header files and some make files.
Finally i was able to create 32 bit shared object for xalan.
I then tried to use in my application but it was throwing coredump at function XalanMemMgrs::getDefaultXercesMemMgr().
Below is the code sniplet for the issue :-

        MemoryManagerType* ptr = XMLPlatformUtils::fgMemoryManager;

        assert (ptr != 0);

        return *ptr;
(dbx:getDefaultXercesMemMgr) display XMLPlatformUtils
dbx: "XMLPlatformUtils" is not defined in the scope `libxalan-c.so.110`XalanMemoryManagement.cpp`xalanc_1_10::XalanMemMgrs::getDefaultXercesMemMgr()`
dbx: see `help scope' for details
(dbx:getDefaultXercesMemMgr) n
t@4079109952 (l@21431) stopped in xalanc_1_10::XalanMemMgrs::getDefaultXercesMemMgr at line 73 in file "XalanMemoryManagement.cpp"
   73           assert (ptr != 0);

The value of ptr is showing as nil.

Need your urgent help in order to understand the changes for my platform requirement and how to sort this memory related issue

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