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The basics of setting up Remmina

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications The basics of setting up Remmina
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The basics of setting up Remmina

I have tried and failed after numerous attempts at getting the answers to the the following questions by googling and searching numerous forums.
  1. Do I have to install Remmina on both laptops?
  2. On the target laptop(ie.the one I want to be able to control)
There are two versions of linux,Debian and Mint.Will I be able to access both of these?

As I am a total newbie to this subject I would appreciate advice that is not too technical

Many Thanks

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Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Posting "Does not work" without explanation does not help you or anyone. If a command does not work for you, please show the exact circumstances you used it, and the exact error or malfunction you received. Do not paraphrase errors, or post the text as links, images, or attachments if you can avoid it: Paste the exact message, in code tags, like [code] text [/code] or by selecting the text and using the Image button.

Thank you.

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