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LibreOffice Templates Custom Distro

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LibreOffice Templates Custom Distro

Hello, I have a custom Linux distro in which I'm trying to get templates for LibreOffice to ship by default. Is there a location they need to be placed or a file that needs to be edited? I've already tried using the template manager and add templates that way. I then copied /usr/templates/ and /usr/libreoffice/ as a final step before creating the ISO, hoping that'll preserve the information. However, after a fresh install, LibreOffice runs some kind of initial setup and my templates are nowhere to be found. I know about the Template folder in Home, but that doesn't help me much if I want to use a different username or password for the distro install.

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Building Custom Topologies - Functions int hwloc_custom_insert_topology (hwloc_topology_t newtopology, hwloc_obj_t newparent, hwloc_topology_t oldtopology, hwloc_obj_t oldroot) hwloc_obj_t hwloc_custom_insert_group_object_by_parent (hwloc_topology_t topology, hwloc_obj_t parent, int groupdepth) Detailed Description A custom topology may be initialized by calling hwloc_topology_set_custom() after hwloc_topology_init(). It may then be modified by inserting objects or entire topologies. Once done assembling, hwloc_topology_load() should be invoked as usual to finalize the topology. Function Documentation hwloc_obj_t hwloc_custom_insert_group_object_by_parent (hwloc_topology_ttopology, hwloc_obj_tparent, intgroupdepth) Insert a new group object inside a custom topology. An object with type HWLOC_OBJ_GROUP is inserted as a new child of object parent. groupdepth is the depth attribute to be given to the new object. It may for instance be 0 for top-level groups, 1 for their children, and so on. The custom topology newtopology must have been prepared with hwloc_topology_set_custom() and not loaded with hwloc_topology_load() yet. parent may be either the root of topology or an object that was added earlier through hwloc_custom_insert_group_object_by_parent(). int hwloc_custom_insert_topology (hwloc_topology_tnewtopology, hwloc_obj_tnewparent, hwloc_topology_toldtopology, hwloc_obj_toldroot) Insert an existing topology inside a custom topology. Duplicate the existing topology oldtopology inside a new custom topology newtopology as a leaf of object newparent. If oldroot is not NULL, duplicate oldroot and all its children instead of the entire oldtopology. Passing the root object of oldtopology in oldroot is equivalent to passing NULL. The custom topology newtopology must have been prepared with hwloc_topology_set_custom() and not loaded with hwloc_topology_load() yet. newparent may be either the root of newtopology or an object that was added through hwloc_custom_insert_group_object_by_parent(). Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Hardware Locality (hwloc) from the source code. Version 1.4.1 Mon Feb 27 2012 Building Custom Topologies(3)

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