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Old 07-19-2013
Wrench Maximum and minimum threshold in autosys

Good evening
In a production system there are houndred of Jobs running and i´ve got to monitor all of them, but the problem arises when a job running takes much longer or conversely takes nothing and as operator is almost imposible to detect the máximum or mínimum threshold for a running job.

Ive tried to find out to to set up A11 to notify me by means of an alarm or whatever what is the the máximum or mínimum threshold for a running job ?

Thanks in advanced

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Old 09-13-2013
Hi Alex,

There are parameters in Autosys which enables Autosys jobs to send alarm for the jobs (max_run_alarm and min_run_alarm). These alarms are being sent to Autosys logs and if you are monitoring the Autosys log, you will be able to monitor them effectively.

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