Sendmail external email delays and mailertables problems on Solaris

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Old 04-16-2013
Sendmail external email delays and mailertables problems on Solaris

Setup is a Solaris 11 zone running sendmail as a relay to our actual mailservers. All emails to external domains seem to be being tried to be sent directly from this Solaris 11 zone which cannot send mail externally.

All emails sent to our pager addresses as defined in the /etc/mail/aliases file ( and are on a 6 minute delay.

Mailertables should fix this by specifying which smtp server to use for specified domains so I created that file, pointing our 2 pager domains to our organizational mailservers. I tried to enable mailertables via the below methods and it just didn't work. Is there known good way to enable mailertables on Solaris? Any ideas on how to fix these delays?

- create /etc/mail/mailertable with and entries (pager domains to date).
Run makemap hash /etc/mail/mailertable < /etc/mail/mailertable

Building the new

1. Edit /etc/sendmail/cf/cf/ and add line
FEATURE(access_db, `hash -o -T /etc/mail/access’) FEATURE(mailertable, `hash -o /etc/mail/mailertable’)

NOTE: some online notes state that the "hash" option may not work on Solaris but others do. Will try with
above syntax first.

2. Compile sendmail. m4 /etc/mail/cf/cf/ > /etc/mail/

3. sdiff new with timestamped one from today and edit accordingly.

4. Restart Sendmail, tail log, run svcs -xv sendmail, check for errors.

5. Send test emails to internal and external (pager) domains.

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Also tried smart hosts to no avail. I would appreciate advice on that approach as well.
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