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Looking to reduce the number a cpus available for SGE

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Looking to reduce the number a cpus available for SGE
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Old 05-21-2012
Looking to reduce the number a cpus available for SGE

Hey all
Im looking to reduce the number of cpus available on a certain node in our cluster available for jobs using SGE.

i.e. we have one node that has 24 cpus available for jobs on SGE, i would like to reduce that to 16. Thanks
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Old 05-21-2012
I do not know SGE (are you talking about SafeGuard Easy or Sun Grid Engine, btw.?) but i can't imagine an application which controls how many processors it will use. This is a OS function and it would be a severe design flaw to attempt to do things the OS already provides for.

If you want to do that via OS means: that depends - on the OS, on the system (the hardware) used, etc.. As you didn't tell us anything about your environment at all there is no reasonable answer to your question.

Sorry, but this is all you'll get until you provide us with more information.


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