Notepad++ hang when open file edited in other text editor

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Notepad++ hang when open file edited in other text editor


I would like to ask about the notepad++ text editor application, Although there are alternative and more great text editor in linux (gedit, geany, jedit) im still using the notepad++ sometimes cause for some of my own reason one of those is the minimalist text(what i mean is notepad++ has a nice neat and clean interface specially the font and its gui fonts)(using small fonts therefore display more information in the screen) not like others text editor using large font therefore lots of white space.

By the way my question: im having problem using notepad++ in wine or playonlinux when one of the open files is edited/open on other editor, deleted in the file browser, will cause the entire instance to hung and need to force close therefore all unsave open files gone..

Hope someone experience or been through and know some tweeks..

Thanks and Best regards any input will highly appreciated
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Do you mean it is open by two editors at the same time?
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Not exactly open the file in two editor, sometimes for dampness i forget or maybe so much app open and i forget that the file i open in notepad++ tab, i move/rename/delete (something that i modified not in the notepad++ itself) it will cause the entire instance of notepad++ along with your other unsave open tab file bye bye and gone cause force close is the only solution to the problem that i know off and also tried to wait to response back to normal but failed.
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