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Old 09-08-2011
SMTP Server - dump email

I am replicating a set of servers into a "bubble" for testing. Those systems cannot be aware they are in a "bubble" so I must replicate all external services. I have successfully replicated most of those services except SMTP. I would like to configure an SMTP server that collects all email and effectively dumps it so I can review it later.

I have a Solaris 10u9 setup with "Sendmail 8.14.4+Sun/8.14.4" currently listening on port 25 (this was setup by default). It will accept email but it never stays in the queue because any mail to be relayed is bounced back. I would like to receive the email and either have it sit in a queue or preferably be able to dump it to a text file.

a) Can I setup sendmail to accept all mail and silently queue it?
b) Is there a debug SMTP daemon for Solaris that will serve this same purpose?

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It is in the /etc/mail/ file. The default setting is

O DeliveryMode=background

Change it to "queue" and restart sendmail. Also check the "-q30m" setting.
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