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kde network info app

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Old 06-08-2011
kde network info app

In gnome there was an indicator applet that displayed your ip address, subnet mask, gateway, and dns. Is there a similar applet in kde?

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multiload_applet - Multiload (cpu, load average, memory, net, swap) applet for the GNOME panel. SYNOPSIS
multiload_applet [ --activate-goad-server[=GOAD_ID] ] DESCRIPTION
multiload_applet Contains 5 applets. CPU Load Applet. To add this applet to a Panel, right-click on the Panel and choose Applets->Monitors->CPULoad Load Average Applet. To add this applet to a Panel, right-click on the Panel and choose Applets->Monitors->Load Average Memory Applet. To add this applet to a Panel, right-click on the Panel and choose Applets->Monitors->MemLoad Net Applet. To add this applet to a Panel, right-click on the Panel and choose Applets->Monitors->NetLoad Swap Applet. To add this applet to a Panel, right-click on the Panel and choose Applets->Monitors->SwapLoad OPTIONS
--activate-goad-server (Internal use only) GOAD server ID to activate GOAD_ID may be: multiload_cpuload_applet start the cpu applet. multiload_loadavg_applet start the load average applet. multiload_memload_applet start the memory applet. multiload_netload_applet start the net applet. multiload_swapload_applet start the swap applet. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Christian Marillat <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). 10 februar 2002 MULTILOAD_APPLET(1)

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