sqlite: calculating with dates - compare current date minus 6 months with stored record

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Old 03-10-2011
sqlite: calculating with dates - compare current date minus 6 months with stored record


I have a table with name, date in format DD.MM.YYYY.

name expiry date
example CA 04.05.2013
example Sub-CA 01.09.2012
I need to something like this (I try to explain in pseudo code)

if SYSDATE (current date) minus 6 months > $expiry date
print OK
else print NOK with $name and $expiry date

I know this is possible with Oracle. How to do this in sqlite?
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CGI::Untaint::date(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   CGI::Untaint::date(3pm)

CGI::Untaint::date - validate a date SYNOPSIS
use CGI::Untaint; my $handler = CGI::Untaint->new($q->Vars); my $date = $handler->extract(-as_date => 'date'); DESCRIPTION
is_valid This Input Handler verifies that it is dealing with a reasonable date. Reasonably means anything that Date::Manip thinks is sensible, so you could use any of (for example): "December 12, 2001" "12th December, 2001" "2001-12-12" "next Tuesday" "third Wednesday in March" See Date::Manip for much more information on what date formats are acceptable. The resulting date will be a Date::Simple object. Date::Simple for more information on this. date_format By default ambiguous dates of the format 08/09/2001 will be treated as UK style (i.e. 8th September rather than 9th August) If you want to change this, subclass it and override date_format() WARNING
Date::Manip does not play nicely with taint mode. In order to work around this we locally clobber Date::Manip's 'timezone' code. As we're only interested in dates rather than times, this shouldn't be much of an issue. If it is, then please let me know! SEE ALSO
Date::Simple. Date::Manip. AUTHOR
Tony Bowden BUGS and QUERIES Please direct all correspondence regarding this module to: bug-CGI-Untaint-date@rt.cpan.org COPYRIGHT and LICENSE Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Tony Bowden. All rights reserved. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.0 2008-05-12 CGI::Untaint::date(3pm)

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