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a new soundcard question

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Old 08-10-2009
a new soundcard question


i just got a new soundcard its the encore 5.1 channel surrand sound card
enm232-6c1a and i need some help configuring it to my doesnt
have any instreuctions as to how to config it to use with audacity..thanks.


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sndconfig(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      sndconfig(8)

sndconfig - configure sound card for use with Linux kernel modules SYNOPSIS
sndconfig {--help,--noprobe,--noautoconfig} DESCRIPTION
sndconfig sets up the necessary configuration files to use a sound card on a Red Hat system. If PnP support is compiled in, by default snd- config will do an initial probe for PnP sound cards using the pnpdump utility. If the --noprobe option is given this step will be skipped. The user will be notified if any cards were found. Otherwise the user must pick the card type from a menu. Then the user must choose the I/O port, IRQ, and DMA settings for the sound card. These must be known ahead of time and depend upon the jumper settings of the sound card. For PnP cards, the program will determine settings for the card; if the --noautoconfig option is given the user can choose the val- ues which will be programmed into the PnP device. There is no guarantee that the values entered do not conflict with an existing non-PnP or PnP device. The user must make sure these types of conflicts do not occur. OPTIONS --help Print a usage message on standard output and exit successfully. --noprobe No probe will be made for PnP cards, and the PnP configuration files will not be changed. --noautoconfig No autoconfiguration of PnP cards will be done; the user will be prompted for settings. FILES
/etc/sysconfig/soundcard Stores current settings /etc/modules.conf Stores sound module configuration /etc/isapnp.conf Stores PnP configuration SEE ALSO
isapnp(1), pnpdump(1) Wed Aug 19 1998 sndconfig(8)

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