Oracle Cluster Ready Services waiting for SunCluster on x86 to start

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Oracle Cluster Ready Services waiting for SunCluster on x86 to start

Recently i faced problem starting oracle application on my galaxy cluster on one node.In the log i found that the CRS demon was not started after the booting of the node , so i manually tried to start it but faced some error.

So here are the work around that i had done and the CRS services got started .

The error i was getting while starting oracle is
PRKC-1056 : Failed to get the hostname for node galclus157
PRKH-1010 : Unable to communicate with CRS services.
[Communications Error(Native: prsr_initCLSS:[3])]

When i tried to start the crsd manually the service did not started .

Then after debugging this error i found that the crs service depends on the ucmmd service to start .

So please check if this is already running or not (If not start it)
root@syscl055 # ps -aef | grep ucmmd
root 2030 1 0 May 12 ? 13:12 ucmmd -r /usr/cluster/lib/ucmm/ucmm_reconf
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