LANG=C not English?

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu LANG=C not English?
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LANG=C not English?

On Ubuntu 7.04, why would the "C" LANG parameter not be English:
$ LANG=C locale

How can I make that an English-language locale, and which English is preferable? Thanks in advance.
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man locale
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Thank you grumpf. I did of course read the locale man and info pages before posting here, and I googled locale, c, and utf-8. I could not find the information for changing the C locale in the man page, nor the info page (which is exactly the same as the man page), even after reading it again at your suggestion. Maybe your man page differs from mine, if so please post it. Mine looks a lot like this:
locale(1): locale-specific info - Linux man page
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# or maybe 

Each of those settings yo displayed is an enviromnment variable that can be set independently. LC_ALL is the only one that changes all of the other settings.

One place that explains locale settings in a useful way is to go to
The Open Group - Making Standards Work and search for locale. It is many pages of reading. Neo also placed a link to get the POSIX standards in pdf format - it is on the forums here.
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Thank you. I've tried several things and now LANG=C is in English. I'm not sure what worked, but I have the result that I need. Thanks.
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