Set temp on Ubuntu to Celsius

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Set temp on Ubuntu to Celsius
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Old 02-15-2008
Set temp on Ubuntu to Celsius


I installed on a room a Netbotz device, that among other things, shows the temperature. I use Ubuntu to access the web interface of the product, and the temperature is shown in Fahrenheit but I wanted in Celsius.
Netbotz manual says the temp format is taken from the computer running the browser, which it's true, cause I access from a (ugh!) Windows and the temp is correctly displayed.

Here's the question. How can I change my Linux config to show temperatures in Celsius.

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acpi - Shows battery status and other ACPI information SYNOPSIS
acpi [options] DESCRIPTION
acpi Shows information from the /proc or the /sys filesystem, such as battery status or thermal information. OPTIONS
-b | --battery show battery information -a | --ac-adapter show ac adapter information -t | --thermal show thermal information -c | --cooling show cooling device information -V | --everything show every device, overrides above options -s | --show-empty show non-operational devices -i | --details show additional details if available: * battery capacity information * temperature trip points -f | --fahrenheit use fahrenheit as the temperature unit instead of default celsius -k | --kelvin use kelvin as the temperature unit instead of default celsius -p | --proc use the old /proc interface, default is the new /sys one -d | --directory <dir> path to ACPI info (either /proc/acpi or /sys/class) -h | --help display help and exit -v | --version output version information and exit AUTHOR
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