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Wildcard with xdotool

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Wildcard with xdotool
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Originally Posted by drew77
Since, the below mostly does not work, I think I am out of options.
Here we go again: WHAT EXACTLY does not work? Is there an error messsage? No output where there should be one? Does the computer crash? How are we supposed to see what you see? Through our magic glass orbs, in between the lottery numbers for next week?

And if it does "mostly" not work: what does work? What doesn't? Is there a pattern? stomp has taken it on him to read the man page for the tool and even provided a link to it. Up to now you have done no such thing but complained about us being nosy.

If what sstomp says is true (and i have no reason to doubt it), then this:

xdotool search --name "title-string" | while read windowID ; do
     xdotool key --window "$windowID" "alt+F4"

should close all windows with the title "title-string". If it doesn't (or does something unwanted instead/in addition) you need to describe what it is. You also may want to prepend it with set -xv to see what it does during execution. Post the output if that if this is the case and you need help.

I hope this helps.

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I believe I already posted that alt+f4 ONLY closes the window.

Which is not what I need.

There are some things that are unsolvable.

I can live with that. :-)

Thanks for everyone's help. I do appreciate it.

Last edited by drew77; 03-05-2019 at 05:44 PM..

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