Find duplicates among 2 directories

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Find duplicates among 2 directories

I have 2 directories,


I want to find which files are duplicates so I can delete them from one of those directories.
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Hello drew77,

After doing 100+ posts in, we expect you to show us at least whatever you have tried in order to solve your own problem. It is always good to add your efforts in questions as we all are here to learn.

Kindly do add your efforts with CODE TAGS and do let us know then.

R. Singh
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And, pls add a definition of what makes a "duplicate" - a common file name? Common meta data as e.g. size, time stamps? Identical contents / check sum?
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Originally Posted by RudiC
And, pls add a definition of what makes a "duplicate" - a common file name? Common meta data as e.g. size, time stamps? Identical contents / check sum?

Yes, the same file name.

I want to put programs in their own directory while putting documents, and other changing files in another directory.

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R. Singh I did use code tags in my post.


diff /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04 /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_File

Only in /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files:
Only in /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04:
Only in /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files:

I do not know what "Only in" means.

I have some html files in those directories.

My diff command showed this. (partial list)

Is there a way to not show the internals of those files?

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There is a tool that can determine the identity of files using the md5 sum.
apt install fdupes

Look at the listing
fdupes dir1/ dir2/

Interactive mode with a choice to remove
fdupes -d dir1/ dir2/

The following case is suitable for use in the script
All duplicates of the file will be deleted exclude only the first file (in order of sorting name files and then name dirs!) will be saved.
A simple way to change the directory with the saved file try to use -i option. It does not change the save directory, but in the reorganized sort order, the upper file may be in the folder you need
fdupes -i dir1/ dir2/
and then use
fdupes -Nd dir1/ dir2/
Well, before you delete something, be sure to read the man pages on the command and make training tests on its use.
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Sure that filenames are enough? Try
diff <(ls /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04) <(ls /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_File)

given your system (which you fail to mention, btw) has a shell that provides "process substitution".
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Originally Posted by drew77
diff /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04 /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_File

Only in /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files:
Only in /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04:
Only in /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files:

I do not know what "Only in" means.
diff is a utility that compares text files: you give it two text files and it will tell you the differences between these two. Up to now i didn't know that the GNU-version can compare directories too but obviously it can. I have learned something new today.

Two understand how diff works let us suppose for the moment it works on lines only (it doesn't). In principle there are three possibilities:

1) a line is present in both files
2) a line is present in file 1 (only) but not in file 2
3) a line is present in file 2 (only) but not in file 1

This is the situation you have here. Your output means the two directories will contain the same files once you:

1) copy from /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files to /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04
2) copy from /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04 to /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files
3) copy also from /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Linux_Files to /media/andy/MAXTOR_SDB1/Ubuntu_Mate_18.04

Notice, though, that two files which have the same name (all others not mentioned in the output) do not necessarily be the same: they still could differ in content, so you would have to compare file sizes too as a first step and even if sizes are the same it might be that the content is different. You would have to use diff again (this time on the two individual files) to find out.

I hope this helps.


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