Public ip is not shown in ifconfig - Ubuntu 16.04

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@hicksd8 , I am gonna reduce security level in router and let you know. When I traceroute there seems connection lost somewhere in the middle.
@Rudic, My mobile phone has its own mobile network. I activate tethering hotspot function so that I would test my house network remotely.

I will inform you soon.


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@hicksd8, I have just disabled firewall, then tried apache site but failed.
When I traceroute, I see it fails somewhere in the middle..

 $traceroute ***
1  _gateway (  0.676 ms  0.641 ms  0.618 ms
 2 (  0.593 ms  0.572 ms  0.552 ms
 3 (  0.532 ms  0.511 ms  0.490 ms
 4 (  0.470 ms  0.447 ms (  0.427 ms
 5 (  0.613 ms (  0.512 ms  0.429 ms
 6 (  0.637 ms (  0.585 ms (  0.547 ms
 7 (  0.525 ms (  0.500 ms (  0.492 ms
 8 (  1.435 ms  1.511 ms  1.398 ms
 9 (  4.791 ms  4.770 ms  4.792 ms
10  * * *
11 (  5.202 ms (  5.216 ms (  5.285 ms
12 (  5.660 ms  5.690 ms  5.666 ms
13 (  5.180 ms  5.222 ms  5.314 ms
14 (  49.200 ms  49.153 ms  49.162 ms
15 (  52.692 ms  52.519 ms  52.535 ms
16  * * *
17  * * *
18  * * *
19  * * *
20  * * *
21  * * *
22  * * *
23  * * *
24  * * *
25  * * *
26  * * *
27  * * *
28  * * *
29  * * *
30  * * *

In dns company's page, I see localnetwork ip is correct.
Seems like I need to contact to ISP, do you have any other idea?

Thanks in advance

------ Post updated at 11:10 AM ------

One note:
When I check local network devices, I see my pc ip rent duration shown expired. When I change the static ip from to nothing changes. It shows "expired"

DeviceName      IP Adress      MAC Nr.      Rent Duration    xx:yy:zz:xx    Active
Boris-iPad    xx:yy:zz:xx    Active
Boris-MBP    xx:yy:zz:xx    Active
Static-00-25-22-DD-27-C9    xx:yy:zz:xx    Expired

Could it be related to this?

Thanks in advance

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Mod Comment Obfuscated your company's public IP addresses to prevent abuse. You might want to do that yourself in the future...

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Thank you all for your support.
ISP says: As you have a dynamic ip, your apache site can't be accessible out of your network.
Even though I do not reboot my router, my dynamic ip shown in my computer is not the same for those who establish connection to my network. Their pool changes the ip. Incoming and outgoing traffic are assigned to different ip addresses. So they recommended me to rent a static ip. Sounds weird but now it's working.

Kind regards
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Sure, this IP address you provided:


Is not routable (usable on the global internet) and it is considered "private" IP address space.

If you want to access your devices on that network from outside your private LAN, you will need to pay for a static IP address.

This is pretty basic IP routing stuff.
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Yes, but if this is not a production web server, only a private one, you can use Dynamic DNS to manage the public ip address pool changes, and route the in-bound connection to your private web server using a port number. A poor man's solution.
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Dear Hicksd8,
I tried "dns update", successfully updated every five minutes my dns but when I ping to my public ip, router was not responding. That was the issue. Now when I ping remotely, router answers to my ping requests.
At least, solved with static ip.

Many thanks
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Originally Posted by hicksd8
Yes, but if this is not a production web server, only a private one, you can use Dynamic DNS to manage the public ip address pool changes, and route the in-bound connection to your private web server using a port number. A poor man's solution.
This is not actually the case on the provider side.

The public Dynamic DNS is assigned by the provider belongs to a pool of IP addresses which can be assigned to any number of customers. The end user does not control the entire IP address block of the provider.

So, even when we add maps to our ISP interfacing device (like a router) to map externally assigned IP addresses to our internal addresses, we can assure the public address will remain static.

The issues of assigning static IP addresses on the customer side (the LAN side) is moot since these devices (and hence the private IP address blocks) are normally under the control of the end users.

For example, I have a fiber optic link directly from my ISP to my home. I do not pay for a static public IP address, so my address (on the public side of my router) changes all the time. I have all my private internal LAN addresses (192.168) configured static for a number of reasons.

It is not feasible to "punch though" from the public side to my private network because the public address changes constantly (as I have paid for, the cheap service) so we do not know what that IP address is from hour to hour. One moment, it could belong to my device, then an hour later the same IP address can be assigned to another customer of the same ISP.

I'm not following you about "production server" versus "personal server" and how this effects access using a publicly dynamic IP address. IP addresses do not care about their status. They are assigned based on a service contract with an ISP; and if you are paying for a public dynamic IP address, that is what you get on the public side, the fact if it is personal, experimental, fun and friendly, of the most important server in the world does not effect routing. The service we pay for effects routing and the configuration.

We pay for the services we need. In my case, if I needed to have (or wanted to expose) a server on my network accessible to the world, I would then pay for a statically assigned public IP address. I prefer not to expose my LAN to the world for security reasons.

On the internal LAN side, the point is mostly moot since we (the end user) have control over that IP address space and we can easily assign that as static (like I do) or dynamically, it is up to us and the size of our LAN users and how we want to manage things.
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Well here in the UK, my ISP does allow me to ping my current public ip address so that my router can respond. Usually, my public ip address changes rarely; typically less than once a month. However, I can use Dynamic DNS to update every 5 minutes and therefore track my public ip should it change. I can use port forwarding to pass-through any in-bound connection specifying a particular port number to my desired machine.

This is no good for a production system because if I just happened to want to call in when my public ip has just changed, I might have to wait up to 5 minutes for it to work.

However, since the OP says that his public pool ip won't ping then it seems his ISP blocks traffic to such subscribers.
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