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Ubuntu 16.04 - upgrade to ZFS 0.7?

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# 2  
Did you upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 from a prior version of Ubuntu? If so, what version?

You might consider installing ZFS on Ubuntu 16.04 from scratch versus upgrading.

Normally, for complex upgrades, I find it is easier and safer not to upgrade, but to start with the latest and greatest and install the features (in your case, ZFS) on top of a new distribution versus trying to "upgrade".
# 3  
i have installed 16.04.5 from scratch yesterday. i also mount zfs disks between solaris and linux. And the zfs version in 16.04.5 is not really stable. that is why i need to upgrade to zfs v0.7. so my question is, how do you recommend to upgrade zfs to v0.7 on ubuntu 16.04.5? Anyone knows?
# 4  
What is the ZFS version in your new Ubuntu 16.04.5 install?

From what I know, ZFS is not shipped with Ubuntu 16.04.5 (licensing issue) and must be installed separately as a loadable kernel module.

Isn't that right?

So, it's not clear what you mean by "upgrade" since if you installed Ubuntu 16.04.5 from scratch, then there is no ZFS installed unless you installed it.


Your post is lacking a lot of details!
# 5  
You can install ZFS with apt install in 16.04, and that version is 0.6 something. it is a bit buggy. in 18.04.1 you can apt install zfs version 0.7 something. i want it, how?
# 6  
You can simply go to the ZFS GIT pages and download the version you want.

Yes, I know you can install with apt; but you are not being clear.

You have already installed version 0.6 or not? You said "upgrade", so this implies you already installed version 0.6 and now want to install 0.7.

Or, do you simply want to install 0.7 from scratch?
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