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Samba Help

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# 15  
Hmmmm......Without any further suggestions I'd be inclined to try a brute force approach and add:

-o vers=1.0

-o vers=2.0

-o vers=3.0

to the mount command line and just see if any of them work.

It's possible that Windows 10 is running cifs version 3.0 and that Kubuntu doesn't support version 3. However, I do know that there is a way to switch off Windows cifs 3 and revert to cifs 2. I'll need to search for that.
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Originally Posted by TBotNik
. . .
The specified "password" twice is because the password to this share is actually 'password'
. . .
I don't think that's the reason for the message. Try to mount WITHOUT authentication data; it should prompt you, then. I don't have a - huaaa - windows machine around, so I can't test. And, switch the xtrace (-x) option on and post the log.
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Originally Posted by Don Cragun
Maybe you'll want to fix the syntax error in your CIFS installation???
If I knew what the error was I wouldn't be asking here!
# 18  
Hold it! No reason to become snappisch.

In a constructive way, you would READ (and quote) Don Cragun's entire post:

Originally Posted by Don Cragun
How can I explain?

You say you have syntax errors in your Samba configuration. You don't show us your Samba configuration files and you don't tell us what syntax errors you're getting. Therefore, all I can suggest is that you fix your syntax errors and try again.

If you would show us the exact errors that you are seeing and you would show us the files that are generating those errors, we might be able to help you further. Without seeing the actual errors you are receiving and the code/data that is producing those errors, there is absolutely no way that we can guess at what might be wrong!
Originally Posted by TBotNik
If I knew what the error was I wouldn't be asking here!
We do even less. So - the ball is in your court!
This User Gave Thanks to RudiC For This Post:
# 19  

Ok shortened the cmd to:
mount -t cifs  //server /media/winsvr

It prompts for password. When entered gives error:
mount error(22): Invalid argument
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)
Looked up the error online and then ran:
tail -f  /var/log/kern.log

Which is showing:

Aug 7 14:16:37 mypc kernel: [23672.250160] CIFS VFS: Malformed UNC in devname.

This is cryptic and means nothing at all to me!



Last edited by TBotNik; 08-07-2018 at 04:47 PM..
# 20  
Did you try with the numerical IP address in lieu of the server name (as proposed by Corona688)?

Try to add the sec=ntlm option.

Post the output of
dpkg -l | grep -i "cifs\|smb"

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