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Google chrome not work

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# 1  
Google chrome not work

Hi Dears
i use UBUNTU 16.04 LTS. I download google chrome .deb package and install it but not work. i remove and purge it and install again but not work. i remove .confi too.
what kind of details you need?
Can help me?
# 2  
In what way doesn't it work?

Firstly, do you have an internet connection via router or whatever, and is that network interface up?
# 3  
In addition to the questions my colleague hicksd8 asked:

- do you have any other browser (Firefox, ...) which works?

- do you use a proxy?

I hope this helps.

# 4  
thanks all
i have Internet connection.
i have Mozilla Firefox too.
UBUNTU doesn't launch doesn't run.
# 5  
That is utmost scarse a problem description!
Please be aware that without further details its difficult to analyse the problem and help you.
Does google chrome exist for Ubuntu? I don't have it - chromium is offered for me.
Does chrome start from the command line? Does it start in "safe mode"? What about error messages and symptoms? System logs? Are other packages affected as well?
# 6  
no error message . i just download .deb package from Google and sudo dpkg -i to install it. chrome icon in my menu but not launch.
no command line.
may write a command in Terminal to show you details?

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chromium not run and launch
error massage :
package : chromium-browser 64.0.3282.119-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
problem type: crash
title: "chromium-browser crashed with sigabrt"
env:none none


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# 7  
--enable-pinch, what does that mean?

try invoking it from a xterm(gnome-terminal or whatever):
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