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Prevent xed editor from creating backups

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Question Prevent xed editor from creating backups

This is the oddest thing I've seen in any text editor in the three OSes I've used since buying my first home computer in 1993.

Short version: "where's the switch?"

the xed GUI (version 1.0.6) appears to have no Option to keep it from creating backups (~-marked files) if a text or ASCII file is let open for 5 minutes or more, or edited without saving for about that long. Neither Pluma, gedit or kate/kwrite (which I also use, though far less frequently) do this, and I know gedit and the two KDE editors at least have an Option to prevent it from happening.

I like the idea of backups in word-processors, but as I only script (and don't code; I make an 'old-school' distinction there), I see no reason for them in other types of writing or editing. When writing scripts I much prefer Geany, mainly for its color scheme in shell scripts. In xed etc, I normally write the lists and what-have-you my scripts use as input.

Any Google hit I've followed that describes this option, ie enableBackups, doesn't explain as to where to write it. Is it necessary, as with wget or curl, to create a config file the app will read as it launches? Will it, in version 1.0.6, see such a file as valid?

I should probably post these questions to the appropriate forum on github, but I've honestly not been able to find the "front door" of any of those, even Google-ing for them.


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A Google search for man xed turned up many hits, among them: Linux Manpages Online - manual pages)

which produces:

xed − text editor for X

xed [-s] [-p string] [-nb] [-P] [-ttymode] [-fn font]
[-x N] [-nsb] [-help] [-version] [file]

Xed is the standard text editor, conveniently re-written for use in the standard windowing system.

Xed is a completely backward-compatible implementation of the ed line-oriented text editor. See the ed(1) manual page for a description of the basic ed syntax and command set; what follows is a description of the features unique to xed.



Suppresses diagnostics.

−p string

Specifies a command prompt. This may be toggled on and off with the ’P’ command.


Turns off automatic file backup. By default, xed will back up a file to filename before writing to that file.

Google and man are your friends ... cheers, drl
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