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Unable to connect only when using wget with 400 bad request error

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Unable to connect only when using wget with 400 bad request error


I have a proxy configured on my ubuntu o.s. running on vmware player, but when trying to wgetDownload Nagios Core from, I have the following error:

failed: Connection refused

I have check on the web, they ask me to run
sudo ufw status

, but the output is enabled, so what could be wrong?
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t_listen(3xti)															    t_listen(3xti)

       t_listen - listen for a connect request

       #include <xti.h>

       int t_listen(fd, call)
       int fd;
       struct t_call *call;

       fd	 Identifies the local transport endpoint where the connect indication arrived.

       call	 Contains  information	describing the connect indication. The call points to a t_call structure which contains the following mem-
		 struct netbuf addr;
		 struct netbuf opt;
		 struct netbuf udata;
		 int sequence;

		 The members of the t_call structure have the following meanings:

		 addr	     Returns the protocol address of the calling transport user.

		 udata	     Returns any user data sent by the caller on the connect request.

		 sequence    Identifies the returned connect indication with a	unique number. The value of sequence enables the  user	to  listen
			     for multiple connect indications before responding to any of them.

		 Because  this	function  returns  values for the addr, opt, and udata fields of call, the maxlen field of each must be set before
		 issuing the to indicate the maximum size of the buffer for each.

       This function listens for a connect request from a calling transport user. The fd identifies the local  transport  endpoint  where  connect
       indications arrive. On return, call contains information describing the connect indication.

       By  default,  executes in synchronous mode and waits for a connect indiction to arrive before returning to the user. However, if O_NONBLOCK
       is set by means of or executes asynchronously, reducing to a poll for existing connect indications. If none are available,  it  returns	-1
       and sets to [TNODATA].

       Parameters	    Before Call   After Call
       fd		    x		  /
       call->addr.maxlen    x		  /
       call->addr.len	    /		  x
       call->addr.buf	    x		  (x)
       call->opt.maxlen     x		  /
       call->opt.len	    /		  x
       call->opt.buf	    x		  (x)
       call->udata.maxlen   x		  /
       call->udata.len	    /		  x
       call->udata.buf	    x		  (?)
       call->sequence	    /		  x

Return Values
       Upon successful completion, a value of 0 is returned. On failure, a value of -1 is returned, and t_errno is set to indicate the error.

       On failure, t_errno is set to one of the following:

       [TBADF]		   The specified file descriptor does not refer to a transport endpoint.

       [TOUTSTATE]	   The function was issued in the wrong sequence on the transport endpoint referenced by fd.

       [TBADQLEN]	   The qlen of the endpoint referenced by fd is zero.

       [TBUFOVFLW]	   The	number	of  bytes  allocated  for  an incoming argument is not sufficient to store the value of that argument. The
			   provider's state, as seen by the user, changes to T_INCON, and the connect indication information  to  be  returned	in
			   call is discarded. The value of sequence returned can be used to do a

       [TNODATA]	   O_NONBLOCK was set, but no connect indications had been queued.

       [TLOOK]		   An asynchronous event has occurred on the transport endpoint and requires immediate attention.

       [TNOTSUPPORT]	   This function is not supported by the underlying transport provider.

       [TSYSERR]	   A system error has occurred during execution of this function.

See Also
       fcntl(2), t_accept(3xti), t_alloc(3xti), t_bind(3xti), t_connect(3xti), t_open(3xti), t_optmgmt(3xti), t_rcvconnect(3xti)


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