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Network Manager not setting correct DNS servers

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Network Manager not setting correct DNS servers
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Network Manager not setting correct DNS servers

Since a few weeks i use Ubuntu 16 on my laptop:

# uname -a
Linux xxxx 4.8.0-52-generic #55~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 28 14:36:29 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Because i want to use a custom name server i set the properties in the "Edit Connections" dialogue to the following:

Method: Automatic (DHCP) addresses only
DNS Servers: <list of IP-addresses with DNS servers>

And i expected that any time i use this connection that the respective DNS servers are automatically put into the file /etc/resolv.conf (which is actually a link to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf, as it should be, i am told).

Still, this doesn't happen and in /etc/resolv.conf a name server provided by the DHCP server is mentioned instead of the ones i entered. What am i doing wrong?

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Is this bug related to your issues (looks similar):
Bug #1671606 “DNS server from vpn connection is not being used a...” : Bugs : network-manager package : Ubuntu

This is VPN in question, but symptoms seem to be alike.

If you can, try downgrading packages mentioned in the bug and retest.

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Originally Posted by Peasant
Actually this looks similar, but not quite, because their DNS-servers become set at some point - my problem is that it doesn't. The behavior i get is the same as if i would select "DHCP" instead of "DHCP -Adresses only". It also happens regardless of the network selected, even when i use a non-WiFi connection.

Originally Posted by Peasant
If you can, try downgrading packages mentioned in the bug and retest.
I will try that anyways (i got nothing to lose) and will report back. Right now i had to took the laptop in question to repair because the keyboard is broken (unrelated to this) so it will take a few days.

Thanks for the hint.


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