The best distro to use on enviorment headless and only run scripts

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The best distro to use on enviorment headless and only run scripts


I pretend create a machine headless for only run scripts! I think use Ubuntu Server, but this is the best option? Exist another system more light? Because the purpose is run script which do mathematical calculations. Sum, Division and Modules!

My knowledge about word gnu/linux is on Lubuntu and Ubuntu! Therefore only system debian!

Notice: I pretend access on this machine through my laptop via ssh, in port RJ-45. For this I think will set IPtables, because I pretend limited the access via this environment!
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UBUNTU-DISTRO-INFO(1)					      General Commands Manual					     UBUNTU-DISTRO-INFO(1)

ubuntu-distro-info - provides information about Ubuntu's distributions SYNOPSIS
ubuntu-distro-info [OPTIONS] OPTIONS
--date=DATE date for calculating the version (default: today) -h, --help display help message and exit -a, --all list all known versions -d, --devel latest development version --lts latest long term support (LTS) version -s, --stable latest stable version --supported list of all supported stable versions --unsupported list of all unsupported stable versions -c, --codename print the codename (default) -r, --release print the release version -f, --fullname print the full name SEE ALSO
debian-distro-info(1), distro-info(1) AUTHOR
The script and this manual page was written by Benjamin Drung <>. distro-info January 2011 UBUNTU-DISTRO-INFO(1)

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