Webcam and Skype not working properly

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Webcam and Skype not working properly

I recently bought a new HP Spectre x360 laptop and installed Ubuntu 15.10. (I originally went with a later version but I was encountering lots of bugs. This version seems to be more stable for my system).

Things are mostly working okay, but not my webcam.

If I go to a website to test it, it's very grainy and the colours are weird.

If I try to Skype, as soon as I go on a video call, I can only seen a small part of my face in the webcam and it's grainy. Additionally, the whole interface goes crazy and flickers strange colours.

Extra information: My screen resolution 3840 x 2160 is but everything was tiny and so I changed it to 2048 x 1152.

Could someone advise the direction in which I should be putting my efforts!

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