Newbie With Linux Clustering, Need Help!!

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Old 08-05-2016
Newbie With Linux Clustering, Need Help!!

Hi All,
I am new user here and a new one to try clustering with Ubuntu nodes, and need help. If I should be in another place please mention.

I have a two nodes with Ubuntu 14.04 installed on them. I need to make a cluster consisting of these two nodes with purpose of experimentation with cloud and HPC technologies.

My question is , is there something basic I should be doing without getting into big names like Hadoop, Openstack , Mesos etc, which I assume should be discussed after a simple cluster is setup?

Can someone point me or mention a way to setup a simple test cluster of the two nodes , which run ubuntu 14.04, and then mention what to install to keep track of resources and running HPC applications on the cluster.

Many thanks and sorry if this is naiive. I intend not to remain so anymore Smilie Appreciate any help.
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Old 08-05-2016
There are different types of clusters, and hence, different cluster software.
Some of it is free opensource.

Here is a sort of chart about types of cluster functions and the software that you need. Pick one. That runs Ubuntu.
Comparison of cluster software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Your question was vague, this is the best I can do without asking lots of questions that will require you to make decisions. Like: do I need another, third box? Or not.

Based on your two box setup, you may need to consider something called a quorum controller (master is another name) which is a member of the cluster that acts as a referee or even the main controller. Often this means having more than two boxes in a cluster. Read about the cluster software and see.

Here is an example of what installing an Ubuntu cluster means:
MpichCluster - Community Help Wiki

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Old 08-06-2016
Thanks so much. I understand that the question was a bit vague, but it was because of too much information about relevant and related technologies going around.
I could not ask clearly that I need to start with a simple cluster and then try out some of these sophisticated tools.

I will make use of the chart and the link about the MPICH cluster.
I can try it alright, but there is a potential problem in near future that I can foresee. I have an application to run with OpenMPI. So if I install a MPICH cluster, can I then Install OpenMPI and run the MPI application with it instead of MPICH implementation??

thanks again!!
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Old 08-06-2016
A lot of cluster technologies use openMPI. I do not know for sure. I do know that Sun Solaris cluster V7 was based MPI and Sun actively contributed to development. Oracle does not do that now, AFAIK.

Try it. You will have openMPI installed already BTW. Why do you think MPI would no longer function? It is simply a "layer".
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