Ubuntu on MacBook 4,1 (2008) Backlight Screen Issue

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Ubuntu on MacBook 4,1 (2008) Backlight Screen Issue
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Old 08-26-2015
Ubuntu on MacBook 4,1 (2008) Backlight Screen Issue

I cannot get Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based systems to wake from sleep properly on a Macbook 4,1 pre-October 2008. The backlight for the laptop screen does not turn back on after waking and signal does not pass through the Mini-DVI port to my monitor either (monitor says no signal). I have tried to use the 01.org's drivers for my video card (Intel 965GM), but no luck. The installer (intel-linux-graphics-installer) will recognize the computer as Intel and find the server, but it will not find the driver for my computer (last step fails). The modprobe related fixes aren't working either. Backlight keys work up until after putting the computer to sleep.When I wake the computer, I have to shine a flashlight directly at the screen to see anything.

If anyone wants to help look through this huge mess from dmesg and have an idea, please help!!!:
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Old 08-27-2015
This is a common issue with MacBook running Apple native OS (often a faulty cable within the screen hinge).

Any way you can run another OS to prove it's not hardware fault? Perhaps fit another disk drive in it? Or have you already done that test?
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Old 08-27-2015
The native OS (Snow Leopard) works just fine. The problem is Ubuntu based systems. I had a paste bin link for people to look at, but here it is again: pastebin.com/RZeVBMjJ.
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Old 08-27-2015
Explore under /sys/class/backlight or /proc/acpi/video for an ACPI interface for your video card perhaps, sometimes there's a control for backlight power there which might have chosen a stupid value as its default.

Make sure you have the relevant modules modprobed to get those interfaces.

It might be useful to set up sshd, so you can login via something else until you can see your screen properly. An external monitor could also help.

See here: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=113476
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Old 08-28-2015
I got an external monitor to work, but still no luck with just the laptop. I retried the Intel Linux graphics driver installer but changed my system info to look like 14.10 to get any kind of driver (fails if using 15.04). It says libopenvg1-mesa is missing from whatever repo it is trying to download from. So, I found it somewhere else and installed it. Didn't help the installer at all. So, I guess my laptop is a desktop now. Kinda sucks since the older MacBooks get hot enough that I've replaced my battery twice due to swelling. But since primarily using Ubuntu, I've had no battery problems. It just turns itself off if too hot. Fun fact.
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