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Samba Sharing Problem

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Samba Sharing Problem
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Old 07-02-2013
Ubuntu Samba Sharing Problem

I have 1 Server which was installed With centos 6.2 and there was a Samba Share the Directory /public was shared in the centos Server, its IP address is , And I Have accessed the Share in Ubuntu 12.04 client machines by connect to server just giving IP address and share folder name , But i want to Mount the Samba Share in all client machines Permanently by Adding entries in fstab , i want to mount in a folder name called
/sambapubshare , Tried a lot and googled too but no use .. please help me im new to ubuntu and still now i worked in RHEL so how can i mount permanently samba share in ubuntu 12.04 from Centos Share.

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Old 07-08-2013
if the samba share is not being mounted by windows machines, just use nfs instead of samba ... though it may not come enabled in some, nfs is on all linux/unix variants that i know so it would be much easier to deal with ... see man nfs
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