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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Multipath-Tools
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Old 05-16-2013

i have a problem with the multipath tools configuration.
i can't remove the local disk paths.

the multipath.conf archives configuration is:

$ cat /etc/multipath.conf
        devnode cciss
        devnode fd
        devnode hd
        devnode md
        devnode sr
        devnode scd
        devnode st
        devnode ram
        devnode raw
        devnode loop
        devnode sda
        wwid 36782bcb01a516500157bb46c465037fe

        device {
               vendor DELL.*
               product PERC.*

defaults {
        user_friendly_names no
        polling_interval 120
        udev_dir /dev
        default_path_grouping_policy failover
        rr_weight priorities
        failback immediate
        bindings_file /etc/multipath/bindings

multipaths {
        multipath {
                wwid    360060e80105af290057037b900000000
                alias   LUN-HITACHI

devices {
                 vendor                   "HITACHI"
                 product                  "DF600F"
                 path_grouping_policy     multibus
                 prio_callout             "/sbin/mpath_prio_hds_modular %d"
                 getuid_callout           "/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -u -d /dev/%n"
                 path_checker             readsector0
                 path_selector            "round-robin 0"
                 hardware_handler         "0"
                 failback                 15


the multipath -ll command exit is:

act@BIOPACS:~$ sudo multipath -ll
[sudo] password for act:
36782bcb01a516500157bb46c465037fedm-0 DELL    ,PERC 6/i
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=1][active]
 \_ 2:2:0:0 sda 8:0   [active][ready]
LUN-HITACHI (360060e80105af290057037b900000000) dm-5 HITACHI ,DF600F
[size=6.0T][features=1 queue_if_no_path][hwhandler=0]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=1][active]
 \_ 4:0:0:0 sdc 8:32  [active][ready]
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=0][enabled]
 \_ 3:0:0:0 sdb 8:16  [active][ready]


I tried to delete the route with this:

act@BIOPACS:~$ sudo multipath -f 36782bcb01a516500157bb46c465037fe
36782bcb01a516500157bb46c465037fe: map in use

act@BIOPACS:~$ sudo multipath -F

36782bcb01a516500157bb46c465037fedm-0 DELL    ,PERC 6/i
\_ round-robin 0 [prio=1][active]
 \_ 2:2:0:0 sda 8:0   [active][ready]

the version is Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS

Help me Plis


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