Suggest books for understanding Ubuntu Linux

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Suggest books for understanding Ubuntu Linux
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Suggest books for understanding Ubuntu Linux

recommend books to understand ubuntu ......
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Tall order, as the gui seems to be always changing, and comes in many flavors.

Learning command line LINUX/UNIX is more approachable.

Google online for free tutorials. The Internet is rich!
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For Ubuntu Server Edition, the Apress series of books by Sander van Vugt are pretty good, I'm not sure if they have been updated for 12.04 LTS, but the previous versions are very good and probably a bit cheaper now that they are for older versions. Much of the info is still relevant though...
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Originally Posted by vyom
recommend books to understand ubuntu ......

I know only two books of ubuntu Linux :

1. " Ubuntu Unleashed " by Andrew Hudson Paul Hudson
2. " Moving to Ubuntu Linux " By Marcel Gagne

I hope these two books is helpful for you .............
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thanks very much,
Do you have the links to download these two books?

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They're books.

They're not free.
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Unlike classical life, here it is cheaper to run it than to read about it in a book, never mind the phelora of tutorials online, free documents from vendors. Compare it to riding a horse or driving a car, where the book is cheaper. However, learning by doing is more vivid than reading, real horse sweat, wind in your hair, and error messages when you forget a keystroke. Smilie

There is a free kindle library and free kindle readers, so free books are not completely foreign any more. Are there other free libraries? free kindle library linux - Google Search
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