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reinstall identical system?

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu reinstall identical system?
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reinstall identical system?

I have my Ubuntu system nicely tailored to my needs, with specific software installed, and other things removed.

I'd like to build a new PC, and have the identical software configuration on it. Is there some easy way to export the list of installed software to a file? Then have the new machine read that file and install all those same things?

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How identical a system? Is the size of disk larger?

It may be possible to do a direct disk dump from one system to the other, bringing all your configuration and programs and files with it.
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Originally Posted by Corona688
How identical a system? Is the size of disk larger?

It may be possible to do a direct disk dump from one system to the other, bringing all your configuration and programs and files with it.
The disk sizes are different. dd is not an option (also there is raid, lvm, and encryption). I simply want to install onto system B, all of the same stuff that is on system A, without having to manually search, browse, select, and install each item individually from the Ubuntu Software Centre. All the software came from Ubuntu Software Centre.

Some was removed from the default Ubuntu installation, and lots were added, over a period of months. I did not keep a written journal of what was added or removed.

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You could be interested in Remastersys Smilie

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