XDMCP Fatal Error 169 address

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu XDMCP Fatal Error 169 address
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Old 07-20-2011
XDMCP Fatal Error 169 address

Hello. I previously had my xdm server running and it allowed me to use cygwin to run remote desktop with X -query x.x.x.x :1
But recently i noticed it had stopped working.
I get an error as shown in image, and i noticed that it mentions a 169.x.x.x. address.
I am wondering if anyone had had this problem. not sure where its getting this 169 address from. I do know there are some vmnet interfaces when i run ifconfig, although none are 169.x.x.x addresses.
I do not remember when this error started occuring.
xdm service seems to be running and config files seem ok.
Anyone help?
Wonder if its related to these virtual nics?

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Old 08-05-2011
It seems that I needed an entry for the client I am connecting from in the hosts file on the xwindows server.

I didn't expect to need that as dns server has host records for all machines on network.

Anyway it works now Smilie

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Aghh almost forgot...

I also had to add the -from otion to the X -query

So it looked like this:

x -query <server ipaddress> :1 -from <myipaddress>
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