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Stack overflow i guess while insmod

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Stack overflow i guess while insmod
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Old 05-19-2011
Stack overflow i guess while insmod

I have built kernel 2.6.35 on my Ubuntu system with some specific requirement. I also built some app defined module with the same kernel. I booted up the built version and I find it did not work properly as there is some gui and other modules missing problem. But the system booted up and I did a insmod app.ko. I faced a crash. I found out that it is a stack problem. A caller function in the APP is passing address of two local variable. like int a, b; add (&a, &b); I checked the values of &a and &b before passing and it remained non-null but when i receive the same in the calling function, both the &a, &b are NULL or some garbage value. I increased the stack size but nothing happened. When i skipped the function call, I could see that many allocation of memory has also failed. So I think it should be memory problem. Is there anything I should be checking for gcc option to define the stack or check for stack overflow. Any hints on this could help me a lot. Thanks in advance. I just made some abstract examples since the original code section takes lot of time to explain. It could be helpful if some one give me hints to proceed.


    struct DMAINFO* pDmaInfo;
    struct DESC* pDesc;
            /*  printk("The function aruguments are Desc = %p and DmaInfo %p", &pDesc, &pDmaInfo); */

    Create_DMA(&pDesc, &pDmaInfo);

void Create_DMA(**ppDesc, **ppDmaInfor)
    printk("The function aruguments are Desc = %p and DmaInfo %p", ppDesc, ppDmaInfo);

The printk statement inside create_DMA gives me NULL values, but the
same print statement in the main function before the create_DMA call has
some values. I am really confused and any sort of useful advice could help me a lot.

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