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Lucid AMD 64 install on USB HDD reboots frequently

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Lucid AMD 64 install on USB HDD reboots frequently
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Old 12-01-2010
Lucid AMD 64 install on USB HDD reboots frequently

Hi all,

I am using Ubuntu lucid. It is installed on external USB HDD and I boot into it.

Besides other issues, the most significant one is as follows..

I boot in and start working. Everything goes on fine. As soon as I move the HDD, change its position, etc, all icons tuns into a red cross. Data can't be saved, filesystem can't be accessed and basically no action can be taken.

I have to do a hard reboot to this.

This is a fresh install done around 1-2 months back. It had been working fine since past few weeks. And now this issue of taking a reboot has become very very frequent. Today itself, I had to hard reboot around 15 times throughout the day.

A related issue is also that when the screen is locked and screensaver is runing, and / or I am at the login screen after using 'Lock Screen' option, suddenly the whole screen will turn black as soon as I activate the screen and enter the password.

After this, I have to take hard reboot only.

If anyone has suggestions, pointers on these, request you to share with me.

Many Thanks
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Old 12-01-2010
It sounds like you have a flaky drive cage, USB port, or USB cable. That's about all that could cause glitches like this when physically moved: When you move the drive, the connection glitches, causing the device to disconnect/reconnect, invalidating all filesystems mounted from it.

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