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fizsh(1)							       fizsh								  fizsh(1)

fizsh - friendly interactive zshell. SYNOPSIS
Fizsh is a front end to zsh. Fizsh provides zsh with interactive syntax-highlighting and a MATLAB-like history-search. Fizsh is intended to look and feel similar to fish. A distinguishing feature is that fizsh can handle Bourne compatible syntax. This is because fizsh is a front end to zsh. Fish uses its own syntax. CONFIGURATION
$HOME/.fizsh is the directory where fizsh keeps its configuration files. The file $HOME/.fizsh/.fizshrc serves as the user's local startup script. Local customizations, such as aliases and functions, can be added here. $HOME/.fizsh/.fizshrc allows the same syntax as $HOME/.zshrc under zsh. $HOME/.fizsh/.fizsh_history is default name of fizsh's history file. The other files in $HOME/.fizsh are installed by /usr/bin/fizsh. In order to reinstall these files use: /usr/bin/fizsh -r or /usr/bin/fizsh --reinstall. Compared to the default configuration of zsh, fizsh additionally sets the options "histignorealldups", "histignorespace", "histreduceblanks", "incappendhistory", "interactivecomments", "promptsubst", "correct" and "nobeep". For further configuration details consult zsh's man pages. INVOCATION
Fizsh is meant to be invoked without options and without command-line arguments. The only supported command-line options are "--version", "--help", "--login", "--reinstall", "-v", "-h", "-l" and "-r". "--version" or "-v" yields fizsh's version number. "--help" or "-h" causes fizsh to print brief usage information. "--login" or "-l" cause fizsh to be a login shell. "--reinstall" or "-r" will reinstall some of fizsh's configuration files (see above). If invoked with other command-line options and/or arguments fizsh will silently revert to zsh. BUGS
There are no known bugs at the moment. Bug reports, bug fixes and other comments are welcome. NOTES
MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc. AUTHOR
Written by Guido van Steen, based on work by the "zsh-syntax-highlighting contributors" and the contributors to "zsh-history-substring- search". SEE ALSO
zsh(1) fish(1) Version 1.0.2 9 Aug 2011 fizsh(1)

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