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vfs-filesystems(n)														vfs-filesystems(n)


vfs-filesystems - Filesystems provided by tclvfs SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.4 package require vfs ?1.2.1? package require vfs::zip ?1.0? package require vfs::mk4 ?1.6? package require vfs::tar ?0.9? package require vfs::ftp ?1.0? package require vfs::ns ?1.0? package require vfs::webdav ?0.1? package require vfs::http ?0.5? package require vfs::urltype ?1.0? vfs::zip::Mount path to vfs::mk4::Mount path to vfs::tar::Mount path to vfs::ftp::Mount path to vfs::ns::Mount path to vfs::webdav::Mount path to vfs::http::Mount path to vfs::urltype::Mount path to _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The package vfs provides not only the means to implement a virtual filesystem at the tcl level, but also a number of ready to be used filesystems as well. Each of these filesystem exists as its own package, and can be accessed through package require vfs::NAME. The whole set of these virtual filesystems is known informally as 'vfslib'. SUPPORTED VFS TYPES
Currently supported are ftp, tar, http, zip, mk4, ns, and webdav. In addition there is the ability to mount any 'urltype' as a new direc- tory, provided an appropriate vfs is supported. This means that you can treat urls based on the schemes ftp://, http:// and file:// as files. To do this, simply evaluate the command vfs::urltype::Mount ftp for example. Any access inside the new volume will result in an attempt to require a package through package require vfs::${type}, which must therefore exist, or errors will be thrown. If a filesystem is loaded, use the associated command listed below to mount a source for that filesystem as a tcl directory. vfs::zip::Mount path to Mount the zip file path as directory to. vfs::mk4::Mount path to Mount the metakit database file file path as directory to. vfs::tar::Mount path to Mount the tar file path as directory to. vfs::ftp::Mount path to Mount the ftp url path as directory to. vfs::ns::Mount path to Mount the tcl namespace path as directory to. vfs::webdav::Mount path to Mount the webdav url path as directory to. vfs::http::Mount path to Mount the http url path as directory to. vfs::urltype::Mount path to Mount the url path, of type urltype as directory to. LIMITATIONS
Most of the vfs types listed above have not been very well debugged as yet. Please test them! SEE ALSO
vfs, vfs-fsapi KEYWORDS
file, filesystem, ftp, http, metakit, namespace, tar, vfs, vfslib, webdav, zip COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Vince Darley <> Copyright (c) 2003 Andreas Kupries <> Tcl-level Virtual Filesystems 1.0 vfs-filesystems(n)

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