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POM_XPATH_INJECT(7)						Java Packages Tools					       POM_XPATH_INJECT(7)

pom_xpath_inject - inject XML code into POM file SYNOPSIS
%pom_xpath_inject XPath [XML-code] [POM-location] DESCRIPTION
This macro patches specified POM file appending some code as childreen of all XML nodes described by the XPath expression. XPath is an expression describing a set of XML nodes in the POM file to which child code is to be appended. It must be a properly formated XPath 1.0 expression, as described in POM location can be either a full path to the POM file, or a path to the directory containing pom.xml. If POM location is not given then pom.xml from current working directory is used. EXAMPLES
%pom_xpath_inject pom:project "<packaging>war</packaging>" - this call sets packaging of POM in current working directory to war. BUGS
POM files use a specific namespace - Currently this namespace needs to be explicitly specified in all XPath POM macros by prefixing all node names with pom:. AUTHOR
Written by Mikolaj Izdebski. REPORTING BUGS
Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at SEE ALSO
pom_add_dep(7), pom_add_parent(7), pom_add_plugin(7), pom_disable_module(7), pom_remove_dep(7), pom_remove_parent(7), pom_remove_plugin(7), pom_set_parent(7), pom_xpath_remove(7), pom_xpath_replace(7), pom_xpath_set(7). JAVAPACKAGES
06/10/2014 POM_XPATH_INJECT(7)

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