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XSPICE(1)							   User Commands							 XSPICE(1)

Xspice - X server and SPICE server DESCRIPTION
usage: Xspice [Xspice and Xorg options intermixed] example usage: Xspice --port 5900 --disable-ticketing :1.0 optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --xorg XORG --config CONFIG --port PORT standard spice port --tls-port TLS_PORT spice tls port --disable-ticketing do not require a client password --sasl enable sasl --x509-dir X509_DIR x509 directory for tls --cacert-file CACERT_FILE ca certificate file for tls --x509-cert-file X509_CERT_FILE server certificate file for tls --x509-key-file X509_KEY_FILE server key file for tls --x509-key-password X509_KEY_PASSWORD key file password for tls --tls-ciphers TLS_CIPHERS --dh-file DH_FILE --password PASSWORD set password required to connect to server --image-compression {off,auto_glz,auto_lz,quic,glz,lz} auto_glz by default --jpeg-wan-compression {auto,never,always} auto by default --zlib-glz-wan-compression {auto,never,always} auto by default --streaming-video {off,all,filter} filter by default --ipv4-only --ipv6-only Any options not parsed by Xspice get passed to Xorg as is. SEE ALSO
Spice related documents can be found at This manual page was generated with help2man by Liang Guo <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). Xspice April 2012 XSPICE(1)

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