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VWRIGHT(1)						      General Commands Manual							VWRIGHT(1)

vwright - normalize a RADIANCE view, shift it to the right SYNOPSIS
vwright [ view options ] distance vwright [ view options ] name DESCRIPTION
In the first form, vwright shifts a RADIANCE view the specified distance to the right, putting out a complete set of view parameters in a single line on the standard output. This utility is most often used to compute a right-eyed view from a left-eye view for stereo imaging. If no options are specified on the command line, vwright reads a view from its standard input. The distance given is in world coordinate units. A negative value indicates a shift to the left rather than the right. The second form substitutes a name prefix in place of the shift distance, and produces constant assignments on the standard output suitable for passing directly to rcalc(1). For a given prefix N, the constant names are as follows: Nt: view type ('v'==1,'l'==2,'a'==3,'h'==4,'c'==5,'s'==6) Npx: view point x value Npy: view point y value Npz: view point z value Ndx: view direction x value (normalized) Ndy: view direction y value (normalized) Ndz: view direction z value (normalized) Nd: view focal distance Nux: view up vector x value (normalized) Nuy: view up vector y value (normalized) Nuz: view up vector z value (normalized) Nh: view horizontal size Nv: view vertical size Ns: view shift Nl: view lift No: view fore clipping distance Na: view aft clipping distance Nhx: derived horizontal image vector x value (normalized) Nhy: derived horizontal image vector y value (normalized) Nhz: derived horizontal image vector z value (normalized) Nhn: derived horizontal image vector multiplier Nvx: derived vertical image vector x value (normalized) Nvy: derived vertical image vector y value (normalized) Nvz: derived vertical image vector z value (normalized) Nvn: derived vertical image vector multiplier EXAMPLES
To start rpict(1) on a view .06 meters left of the view in the file "right.vf": rpict `vwright -.06 < right.vf` scene.oct > right.hdr & To move the rad(1) view named "left" 2.5 inches to the right and render from there: rad -v "right `rad -n -s -V -v left examp.rif | vwright 2.5`" examp.rif & To pass a view to rcalc for conversion to some other view: rcalc -n -e `vwright orig < orig.vf` -f -o view.fmt > new.vf AUTHOR
Greg Ward SEE ALSO
pdfblur(1), rad(1), rcalc(1), rpict(1), rvu(1) RADIANCE
8/29/96 VWRIGHT(1)

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