DTK_VIDEO_GETSTATE(3)						Draw Toolkit manual					     DTK_VIDEO_GETSTATE(3)

dtk_video_getstate - returns the current state of a video texture SYNOPSIS
#include <dtk_video.h> int dtk_video_getstate(dtk_htex vid); DESCRIPTION
This function returns the state of a video texture referenced by vid created by one of the functions dtk_create_video_*(3) and is a BITOR combination of the following flags: DTKV_PLAYING : Indicates whether the video is paused or playing DTKV_EOS : Indicates that the end of the video stream has been reached RETURN VALUE
This function returns the state of the video in case of success, -1 otherwise. SEE ALSO
dtk_load_video_file(3), dtk_load_video_gst(3), dtk_load_video_test(3), dtk_load_video_udp(3), dtk_load_video_tcp(3), dtk_video_exec(3) EPFL

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