snnewgroup.v0.3.8(8)					      System Manager's Manual					      snnewgroup.v0.3.8(8)

snnewgroup - create a new sn newsgroup SYNOPSIS
snnewgroup newsgroup [server] [port] DESCRIPTION
snnewgroup creates newsgroup assigning it an upstream NNTP server of server:port. If port is not specified, defaults to 119. If server is also not specified, newsgroup is created as a local group which is fed only by articles POSTed to it. You will need to be root or own /var/spool/sn in order to add new groups. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
SNROOT If this is set and is not empty, the value is used in place of /var/spool/sn, the default news spool directory. FILES CREATED
/var/spool/sn/newsgroup Directory where articles will be stored. /var/spool/sn/newsgroup/.created Empty file for the newsgroup creation time. /var/spool/sn/newsgroup/.serial Where snget gets its idea of the new starting serial number for newsgroup on server server:port. The value is initialized to 0. /var/spool/sn/newsgroup/.outgoing If server is specified, is a symlink to /var/spool/sn/.outgoing/server:port, which is a directory, created if it does not already exist. If server is not specified, no file /var/spool/sn/newsgroup/.outgoing will be created. See also snsend. SEE ALSO
sndelgroup, snsend N.B. Harold Tay snnewgroup.v0.3.8(8)

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