XmGetDragContext(3X)													      XmGetDragContext(3X)

XmGetDragContext - A Drag and Drop function that retrieves the DragContext widget ID associated with a timestamp SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/DragC.h> Widget XmGetDragContext (refwidget, timestamp) Widget refwidget; Time timestamp; DESCRIPTION
XmGetDragContext returns the widget ID of the active DragContext associated with a given display and timestamp. A timestamp uniquely iden- tifies which DragContext is active when more than one drag and drop transaction has been initiated on a display. If the specified time- stamp matches a timestamp processed between the start and finish of a single drag and drop transaction, the function returns the corre- sponding DragContext ID. Specifies the ID of the widget that the routine uses to identify the intended display. The function returns the ID of the DragContext associated with the display value passed by this widget. Specifies a timestamp. For a complete definition of DragContext and its associated resources, see XmDragContext(3X). RETURN VALUE
Returns the ID of the DragContext widget that is active for the specified timestamp. Otherwise, returns NULL if no active DragContext is found. SEE ALSO
XmDragContext(3X) XmGetDragContext(3X)

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