alert(3alleg4)                                                    Allegro manual                                                    alert(3alleg4)

alert - Displays a popup alert box. Allegro game programming library. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> int alert(const char *s1, *s2, *s3, const char *b1, *b2, int c1, c2); DESCRIPTION
Displays a popup alert box, containing three lines of text (s1-s3), and with either one or two buttons. The text for these buttons is passed in `b1' and `b2' (`b2' may be NULL), and the keyboard shortcuts in `c1' and `c2' as ASCII value. Example: if (!exists(CONFIG_FILE)) alert(CONFIG_FILE, "not found.", "Using defaults.", "&Continue", NULL, 'c', 0); RETURN VALUE
Returns 1 or 2 depending on which button was clicked. If the alert is dismissed by pressing ESC when ESC is not one of the keyboard short- cuts, it treats it as a click on the second button (this is consistent with the common "Ok", "Cancel" alert). SEE ALSO
alert3(3alleg4), gui_fg_color(3alleg4), exgui(3alleg4), expackf(3alleg4), exspline(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 alert(3alleg4)

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