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L2TPNS(8)						    System Management Commands							 L2TPNS(8)

l2tpns - Layer 2 tunneling protocol network server (LNS) SYNOPSIS
l2tpns [-d] [-v] [-c file] [-h hostname] DESCRIPTION
l2tpns is a daemon for terminating layer 2 tunneling protocol (L2TP: RFC 2661) sessions. Once running, l2tpns may be controlled by telnetting to port 23 on the machine running the daemon and with the nsctl utility. OPTIONS
-d Detach from terminal and fork into the background. By default l2tpns will stay in the foreground. -v Increase verbosity for debugging. Can be used multiple times. -c file Specify configuration file. -h hostname Force hostname to hostname. FILES
/etc/l2tpns/startup-config The default configuration file. /etc/l2tpns/ip_pool IP address pool configuration. /etc/l2tpns/users Username/password configuration for access to admin interface. SIGNALS
SIGHUP Reload the config from disk and re-open log file. SIGTERM, SIGINT Stop process. Tunnels and sessions are not terminated. This signal should be used to stop l2tpns on a cluster node where there are other machines to continue handling traffic. SIGQUIT Shut down tunnels and sessions, exit process when complete. SEE ALSO
startup-config(5), nsctl(8) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Jonathan McDowell <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). L2TPNS 2005/06/12 06:09:35 L2TPNS(8)

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