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Mon::SNMP - decode SNMP trap SYNOPSIS
use Mon::SNMP; $trap = new Mon::SNMP; $trap->buffer($snmptrap); %traphash = $trap->decode; $error = $trap->error; DESCRIPTION
Mon::SNMP provides methods to decode SNMP trap PDUs. It is based on Graham Barr's Convert::BER module, and its purpose is to provide SNMP trap handling to "mon". It is not complete, so don't bother trying to use it unless you are ready to debug and write some code. METHODS
new creates a new Mon::SNMP object. buffer ( buffer ) Assigns a raw SNMP trap message to the object. decode Decodes a SNMP trap message, and returns a hash of the variable assignments for the SNMP header and trap protocol data unit of the associated message. The hash consists of the following members: version => SNMP version(1) community => community string ent_OID => enterprise OID of originating agent agentaddr => IP address of originating agent generic_trap => /COLDSTART|WARMSTART|LINKDOWN|LINKUP|AUTHFAIL|EGPNEIGHBORLOSS|ENTERPRISESPECIFIC/ specific_trap => specific trap type (integer) timeticks => timeticks (integer) varbindlist => { oid1 => value, oid2 => value, ... } ERRORS
All methods return a hash with no elements upon errors which they detect, and the detail of the error is available from the EXAMPLES
use Mon::SNMP; $trap = new Mon::SNMP; $trap->buffer($snmptrap); %traphash = $trap->decode; foreach $oid (keys $traphash{"varbindlist"}) { $val = $traphash{"varbindlist"}{$oid}; print "oid($oid) = val($val) "; } ENVIRONMENT
Graham Barr's Convert::BER module. NOTES
Mon::SNMP depends upon Convert::BER to do the real work. perl v5.14.2 2012-04-27 Mon::SNMP(3pm)

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