from(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   from(1)

from - Shows whom mail messages are from SYNOPSIS
from [-s sender] [user] The from command prints out the mail header lines in your mailbox file. OPTIONS
Prints headers for mail sent by sender. Specifies a mail spool directory. Use this flag if you want to examine a mailbox in a directory other than /usr/spool/mail, which is the system default. DESCRIPTION
If user is specified, then user's mailbox is examined instead of your own. EXAMPLES
To display the message headings in your mailbox, enter: from The names of the senders and the message dates are displayed. To display the message headings for mail sent by a specific user, enter: from -s dale Displays only the message headings of the messages sent from user dale. To display the message headings in a specific user's mail- box, enter: from dawn The message headings from user dawn's mailbox are displayed, provided you have read permission for dawn's mailbox. FILES
User mailbox files. SEE ALSO
Commands: biff(1), mail(1), mailx(1) from(1)

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